About Us

The Aotearoa New Zealand Seaweed Association (ANZSA) was formed following a meeting in Nelson on the 8th of July 2021, organized by Aquaculture New Zealand, of those interested in developing the Aotearoa New Zealand seaweed sector.

Subsequently a working group was formed to establish the Association and refine the purpose, vision and values, which were tabled at the initial Nelson meeting. The inaugural meeting of ANZSA was held on the 7th of December 2021, where an Interim Board was established.

ANZSA provides a united voice on matters which promote our vision of a high value, nature positive seaweed industry for Aotearoa New Zealand. We are working to grow an industry that delivers healthy marine ecosystems, thriving communities and is a significant contributor to the Aotearoa New Zealand economy.


Collaboration ⎯ Mahi tahi

We work together across the seaweed ecosystem, with iwi and the entire stakeholder landscape to fulfill our vision.

Integrity ⎯ Ngākau tapatahi

We build trust in our sector through honourable practices and commitment to quality standards.

Sustainability ⎯ Kaitiakitanga

We are committed to ensuring our natural seaweed resources are available for future generations to enjoy, we see sustainability as an integral factor across the economy, society and the environment.

Multiple Knowledge Systems ⎯ Mātauranga

We respect the rich diversity of knowledge that will help build an enduring seaweed industry. Science, Mātauranga Māori, local practitioner knowledge and international perspectives will all contribute to our success.

Future thinking ⎯ Titiro whanui

We think beyond the challenges of today so that we create an enduring industry that is beneficial for our people and place.

Interim Board Members
Please participate in our upcoming Board Election

Clare Bradley (Chair)

Agrisea NZ Seaweed Limited, CEO

Clare has been working in the small but enthusiastic seaweed sector for 16 years. As CEO of AgriSea Clare has developed international relationships across all levels of the seaweed ecosystem, from conservation, aquaculture, product innovation, research, end users and remote coastal communities. Clare is passionate about seeing a sector thrive that is good for people and the planet.

Blair Wolfgram (Deputy Chair)

Oceanbeachnz.com, MD

Blair is an experienced Director with a successful history of governance and investment in real estate, aquaculture, technology, and finance. Blair is the Managing Director of the land based aquaculture park at Ocean Beach in Bluff and is excited about the possibility of expanding Aotearoa New Zealand’s seaweed industry. Blair has a bachelor in commerce and a bachelor in property from the University of Auckland.

Gary Rountree (Treasurer)

B.Com,CA Maclab (NZ) Ltd, CFO

Gary has had more than thirty years’ experience in executive finance and management roles across the aquaculture, seafood, manufacturing, and IT industries. He is forward-looking and brings to ANZSA his exceptional skills in financial analysis, critical thinking, and business development. Having been closely involved in the growth of the aquaculture industry, Gary is excited about the potential for it to contribute to New Zealand’s ongoing leadership as a primary producer whilst transitioning to a greener economy.

Graham Harris (Secretary)

Director of OceanForesters Inc

Graham has been Director of various companies since the 1980s, an ex Navy officer and diver who feels seawater running in his veins. He has studied aquaculture and ocean law as part of a Masters in Bioscience Enterprise, and later co-authored an academic book chapter on seaweed with Cawthron researchers. Graham got involved with seaweed in 2008 for its carbon remediation potential and became one of several well qualified and passionate directors of OceanForesters Inc (a California Benefit Corporation). Graham now works at the University of Auckland and has just been promoted there to Project Management Practice Manager. Graham eats a little seaweed almost every day.

Hayley Fraser-Mackenzie

Pacific Harvest, Owner, Managing Director

With a background in trade development and global marketing, Hayley is a relative newcomer to the seaweed industry, but growing increasingly passionate about its potential to nurture people and the planet. She bought Pacific Harvest in 2019, which for 20 years, has supplied high quality, delicious and deeply nutritious food grade seaweeds to the natural health and wellness channel, chefs, practitioners, food and cosmetic manufacturers and online, direct to consumers in New Zealand and internationally.

Dr Haydn Read

Te Hēteri – Te Whānau-ā-Apanui 

Haydn’s role is to seek out and establish socio-economic developments within Te Whānau-ā-Apanui. He provides advice and instruments to inform pathways to welling-being, using infrastructure investments and cultural constructs founded in the tikanga and kawa of the Te Whānau-ā-Apanui nation. 

He has a passion for unpacking complex problems and helping others find solutions to the most difficult and intractable ones, some refer to as ‘wicked’ – especially those impacting on the most vulnerable in our communities.

Haydn holds a Master’s of Science from Auckland University, a MBA in International Business and Finance from Melbourne, and a Doctorate from Victoria University’s School of Government in Wellington. He has also recently been appointed as a Visiting Scholar (remote) to The Institute of Fiscal Studies and Democracy (IFSD) at the University of Ottawa in Canada – as part of a team that provides independent financial and infrastructure advice to the Canadian government.

Dr Dave Taylor

Technical Director at Aquaculture New Zealand

Dave is based in Nelson, where he manages delivery of the Innovation and Technical, and Biosecurity portfolios at Aquaculture New Zealand, helping to grow aquaculture in NZ to a $3 billion industry by 2035. He is a marine ecologist by training, holding a PhD in Zoology from the University of Canterbury. His PhD looked at environmental and biological drivers affecting the distribution of habitat-forming seaweeds on rocky shores. Prior to working at Aquaculture New Zealand, Dave worked as a Senior Coastal Scientist at Cawthron Institute in Nelson where he specialised in work to understand the effects of aquaculture on the marine environment, and the effects of the environment on aquaculture species. Dave is a father of two who in his spare time likes thrashing around in the wilderness in multi-day adventure races.

Next steps for ANZSA

ANZSA is holding its first Board election in January 2023. Here is the timetable:

The timetable for the ANZSA Board Election is as follows:

28 November 2022 – Call for nominations of members
19 December 2022 – Nominations and submissions for Board positions close
22 December 2022 – Bios on Board nominees circulated & voting begins
23 January 2023 – Board voting closes at 4pm
10 February 2023 – Announcement of members of elected Board
7 March 2023 – First Board meeting with new Board.


Following the Board elections, the work stream for this association will be prioritized and agreed upon. Feedback from members will be sought to develop a prioritised work stream around ANZSA’s purpose. A workshop is likely to follow where the ANZSA strategy will be set.

During/after this period, it is likely the working logo for ANZSA will be reviewed, and further development of the ANZSA website will be undertaken.