ANZSA Privacy Policy 

Register of Members and Privacy of Member Information

  1. Personal and Company Information: A register of members will be kept, including the names and addresses of all businesses and individuals admitted to membership, the dates of their admission, and classes of membership.
  2. Use and Disclosure:  Information provided by members who join ANZSA will be used for the purposes of engaging with ANZSA members and not for any other reason.
  3. Accurate Information: agencies to take reasonable steps to check that personal information is accurate, up to date, complete, relevant, and not misleading before that information is used.
  4. Access to Information:  Corporate/Individuals can only access information about themselves under the Privacy Act, not information about other people.
  5. Storage and security: ANZSA will ensure reasonable security safeguards to prevent unauthorised use or unauthorised disclosure of corporate/personal information.
  6. Retention of Information: a corporate/ individual’s personal details will be removed from the ANZSA contact list once that individual has ceased to be a member of ANZSA.
  7. Privacy officer: ANZSA will have one person responsible who takes responsibility for knowing how the society needs to handle personal information so that it can do its job while protecting privacy at the same time.